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My journey as a copywriter began in the tech industry. Over five years, I have worked with numerous startups around the world that specialize in artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, and internet of things. My work in this field spans from writing web and product copy to doing market research for specific product use-cases. I have also written longform pieces on the profound impact which these technologies have on human development and interaction. My hope is that these explorations shed some light on the murky gray area where culture and technology overlap.

VR as the artist's interactive canvas

On a crisp evening typical of San Francisco, I waited by a motley laundromat in the Divisadero Corridor. Hipsters filtered past me and up some stairs to the party where I was to meet artist and filmmaker, Luska. She was running late via Uber, and as I listened to the muffled crooning of an electric guitar it occurred to me that there was something very anti-Silicon-Valley about this whole getup.


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