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Togas is one of the oldest luxury textile houses based in Greece. Today, the company specializes in fine bedding, home, and lifestyle products. I collaborated with the Togas creative team as a freelance writer. Projects that I worked on included: writing product descriptions, website copy, and press releases; editing English company materials; and working with the design and marketing teams to create promotional content for Togas events around the world.


Bedding Set


Inspired by the most beautiful island of Greece, the Santorini collection evokes sun-kissed afternoons, azure waters, and sandy shores. Escape into summer leisure with this exclusive bedding set—made from a smooth cotton sateen, featuring hand-drawn mosaic patterns in gentle shades of iridescent blue. Every element of this design hints at traditional Greek motifs and the simple pleasures of island living.



Every year the Togas design team sets the tone for our brand’s unique and creative style. Bringing together elegance and modernity, our expert designers and craftsmen curate a trend-setting global perspective for the company. Their mix of expertise, creative spirit, and artistic intuition celebrates the authenticity of the Togas brand and ensures that our extensive range of collections is fresh and innovative.

Hand-drawn designs are a hallmark of Togas. Every pattern put to paper is inspired by current fashions, interior design trends, nature, art, and culture—always composed with originality and the wish to create something new in mind. When executing any design, our team is committed to finding the softest cashmere, finest silk, crispest cotton, and most ecological linen around the world. Each bespoke item, crafted either in our studios or in one of our leading factories worldwide, is an exceptional masterpiece, balanced, harmonized, and worked to the last detail.

While Togas is continually evolving as a brand, the company’s total commitment to quality has remained constant throughout the last century. From the quality fabrics we weave and use to our meticulous attention to detail, every step of the production process has been carefully honed since our founding years ago. This commitment to style and quality is what makes Togas a leader in the world of interior design and the home textiles industry today.


For almost a century, Togas has earned the confidence of its customers by creating products that excel in quality, beauty, and style. As a company, we cherish our rich tradition and heritage, yet are always seeking to innovate and offer the very best in home textiles and decor.

Our philosophy is based on family values. Utilizing the invaluable knowledge that has been passed down from one generation to the next, our team has grown the Togas brand, bringing our products onto the international stage for luxury home and textile design. With every stitch and detail, we realize our passion and develop elegant products that represent the finest quality.

The Togas team works hard to execute our elegant aesthetic in a variety of collections, enabling our customers to seamlessly mix and match according to their own personal style. By incorporating a cohesive color palette with a wide range of refined styles, we invite our customers to imagine a world of possibilities and create the perfect design for every corner of the home.

product descriptions




Much like the sun plays on the waves of the Mediterranean, so does light on the geometric ornamentation of this cotton jacquard bedspread. Designed to provide maximum ease and comfort, the Andre bed cover is light, easy to wash, and quick to dry. Its gentle grey hues make it an effortless addition to any bed set, so you can mix and match to customize for the season.

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