Nairian is an all-natural cosmetics brand based in Armenia. Its comprehensive line of body, hair, and skincare products are prepared with essential oils distilled on the Nairian farm, tucked away amid the country's highlands. Since its founding in 2012, the company has expanded to operate in markets including the Caucasus region, Russia, Japan, Hong Kong, and the United States. As an early member of the creative team, my responsibilities included overseeing the writing, editing, and publishing of all website content, product packaging, and press releases; developing designs and content for social media platforms, product packaging, and promotional materials; and writing and producing promotional videos about Nairian.

illustration for product packaging

As we began developing Nairian's visual identity, I was called to create a series of hand-drawn illustrations for the product packaging. We chose the main ingredient in every formula to be the featured image for body, hair, and skincare products. My original illustrations are stilled featured on many Nairian boxes today.

web content

As a young startup, Nairian needed to establish its web presence from scratch. During the first year that I worked with the company’s creative team, I was tasked with writing and editing all of the about and product copy needed for the new website. To launch an early promotional campaign, I wrote, produced, and edited a series of videos that shared Nairian’s beautiful story.

video production

Product descriptions

visual identity + instagram curation

product photoshoot styling

togas house of textiles

ai / virtual reality

the new school